George Takei thinks my design is great

George Takei likes my Rainbow Shuffle design! He posted it on his facebook page, and it also appears that 18,000 others also like the “unicorn scoot”, or whatever else people have decided to call it (yes, there are still people trying to sell stuff with my design on it and without my permission). Eeek!

My friend told me she saw it on his page, so I posted on his wall telling him where the design came from, and how honoured I was for it to be shared by him.  He said it was a “great design” and was good enough to add a link to my cafepress shop on his post – yay, some credit at last. What a great guy. Thanks George!

Now if only I could sell 18,000 shirts…

The original Rainbow Shuffle unicorn shirt design

The original Rainbow Shuffle

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