Happy Mothers Day

Neil: Abby, can you say “Happy Mothers Day”?
Abby: Ummm… No.
(Runs off to watch TV)

So after my eldest decided that Wonderpets was more important than greeting her mum in the morning, the hubby set out to make some pancakes for breakfast – vegan pancakes. I’m not vegan, but Cameron suffers from eczema and we are cutting out eggs and dairy for a little while to see if it gets better. The only saving grace to vegan pancakes is bacon (I will never be vegan). Unfortunately we found out that there was no bacon in the fridge. I had eaten it earlier that week.

So vegan pancakes with… fried up left-over ham. After the addition of ham, banana and maple syrup, it wasn’t too bad in the end.

Then hubby gave me a box of scrumptious chocolates. He however had forgotten that chocolates have dairy in them.

Arr me hearty

Arr me hearty

Cameron's new past time

Cameron’s new past time

Love to my crazy little family xxx

Happy Mothers Day!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Yum, those pancakes sound like they were good, even if they did have ham instead of bacon. :)

    I love the cute pirate, and Cameron’s random headstand!


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