Weezer is coming to New Zealand

On 11 January 2013, Weezer will be playing in Auckland at the Vector arena.

It’s been 16 years since Weezer first toured New Zealand. I missed out the first time because I was just a poor school student and hadn’t yet decided that Weezer would be one of my favourite bands.

I am not going to miss their concert this time, otherwise I might have to wait until my midlife crisis to go see them. By then, I might need a hearing aid. On second, thought that might be a good thing because I always find concerts too loud anyway. Gosh, I already sound old.

Tickets go on sale on 26 July 2012. I just hope we manage to get tickets before they sell out.

To those who purchase tickets “by accident” and “have to sell them” the day after on sites like Trademe – I do not like you. And just because the reserve is “just what they were purchased for”, doesn’t make you less of a scumbag. You know that you will make a tidy profit from those who could not purchase tickets in time.

If only people bought tickets to shows they actually want to go to, then everyone would be happy.

Yes, I am still bitter over missing out on the Wiggles Celebration tour in Wellington.

Bring on Weezer!

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