Recommendations please on staph related eczema

The Interwebs should have the answer

The Interwebs should have the answer

For staph-related eczema, does anyone have a recommendation for an antibacterial wash or similar?

We’ve been putting a small amount of bleach in the bath as recommended by the eczema nurse. It’s pretty drying and Cameron (17 months) gets quite irritated during and just after the bath.

We are using emulsifying ointment in the bath too, and as a moisturiser.

We’ve tried pinetarsol and that didnt’ work, so after the nurse identified staphylococcus aureus as the culprit, we were told about bleach.

The nurse said that there is an antibacterial wash for eczema that is quite good, but can’t remember what it was.

I am wondering what other people have used and how it went.

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One thought on “Recommendations please on staph related eczema

  1. All I can say is stop using the terrible suggestions of the medicals and go and see a Natropath. Eczema is a symptom, not the sickness, so cant be fixed by creams etc. If you are in Auckland, Martin at the Massey amcal pharmacy is great on eczema. Im the meantime, teatree soap is much safer than the bleach for antibacterial. My adult son uses epsom salts in his bath as it is magnesium, and calms skin and child.


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