High tea at the Hippopotamus

Coktails and tea

Coktails and tea

When a friend from Auckland came down to visit me, I thought it was a great excuse to splash out and treat myself to a high tea at the Hippopotamus. Not only was it a high tea, at the Hippopotamus, it was a cocktail high tea – ooh la la.

I can’t say I’ve had cocktails with tea at the same sitting before – it was rather odd. Tea tends to make me thirsty so I appreciated the thirst quenching effect of icy cold alcohol. At the same time, having sweet treats with sweet drinks was a little too much. A third-world problem – OK, moving on.


  • The treats were beautiful.
  • There were macarons.
  • There were lots of new yummy things.
  • I felt posh.
  • I got tiddly.


  • Wanted more savouries.
  • The cucumber sandwich: boring with dry bread.
  • The purple mousse thing that looks like brains in a glass tasted and smelt like parmesan (and you all know what some people think parmesan smells like). I like parmesan, but this didn’t taste quite right.
  • Overall, too sugary for my liking.
  • Where are the cupcakes? (Alright, I’ll let this slide as it was a French restaurant.)
Because the dentist needs more money

Because the dentist needs more money

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