I like bukakke

Went to this Japanese restaurant called Tatsushi the other day. (What – did you think this post was about something else?)

I got the bukkake udon. Partly because they sold out of the oyako donburi, but mostly because I’m immature and it made me snigger. “Can I have the bukkake udon please?” I asked. I coudn’t make myself just ask for bukkake.

I just expected noodles and soup, but was curious about the bukkake bit. I saw the lightly poached egg on top – white, wobbly and translucent, and I went “Ahhh.”

The dish was good. It came with crispy deep fried bits of batter, spring onions, bonita flakes and a poached egg on top of udon noodles. I got bukakke udon and I liked it, and wished there was more actually. I had to stuff my face with an icecream from Movenpick afterwards to fill the gap.

Fact: “Bukkake” is the noun form of the word “bukkakeru” which means to pour and splash. Bukkake udon is noodles splashed over with hot broth. Get your mind out of the gutter, and mine too while you’re at it.

I did like

I did like

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