I like your shoes

The flowers from my workmates

The flowers from my workmates

Abby: Mummy, you have to wear funny shoes.
Me: Yep, I do.
Abby: I like your shoes.
Me: Oh thanks.
Abby: (sarcastic laughing) Ha, ha, ha!

I think my 3 year old was trying to cheer me up…

Work also sent me some flowers and chocolates, which reminded me I needed to shower, and that I’m going to get awfully fat in the next few weeks (from sitting on my behind doing nothing).

But really – thanks guys, I appreciate it all, including the help from my mum and husband.

I’m only frustrated that I have to rely on others, and that I can’t get comfortable for many reasons. My feet tingle, ache, sting, itch. Sitting most of the time is really bad for digestion. Being up for any longer than 5 minutes makes my feet throb. Sleeping is annoying too because I have to keep my feet elevated then as well. And the painkillers make me feel groggy among other side effects.

I have time for music again

I have time for music again

And I get so bored! I watched season 4 of Glee all within two days. I started practising my ukulele again, to take a break from the TV screen.

At least I have goodies and a cheeky 3 year old to brighten the day. I’ll leave you with another quote from my darling girl:

“When I have a big bum like you, I don’t have to hold onto the toilet.”

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