On  1 March 2013, after almost two years since my doctor’s referral, I had surgery to correct my bilateral hallux valgus. A bunionectomy – or as I like to call it a Bunion Removal Procedure, or BuRP if you will.

I got my sutures (stitches) out a couple of days ago. It felt so good to have the bandages off after 11 days.

Warning: If you are squirmish, then you might not want to look at all the pictures.

Nurse cutting off the bandages from my left foot

Are you ready to see..?

First bandages removed from left foot

Mmmm, disgusting… what else lies underneath?

My feet out of bandages

Frankenfeet – that’s what lay underneath.

Nurse removing sutures from my feet

“It shouldn’t hurt” she said. LIAR! Getting the sutures out was by far the most painful part of the entire process of getting my bunions removed!

Feet after sutures  have been removed.

The worst part now over – all the sutures have been removed. (The drops running down my feet are from the saline that the nurse used for cleaning.)

So, contrary to my recent nightmares, my feet do look different (in a good way) to before. My bunions are gone and my toes realigned. There’s at least 4 more weeks of healing to go though.

I can now also answer “Yes” to the question “Do you  have any metal inside your body?”. Apparently they used screws in my bones to realign the toes – that would’ve been a nice-to-know before I happened to spot it in the post-op x-rays. Only because I’m a nosy bugger and I like to know these things about my body!

Two different Darco shoes

Both of these things are not like each other

My feet feel a little naked now without the wadding of bandages covering them. But that’s ok, they still have the super duper Darco shoes to hug them… (I’m actually going to get a new pair today and they’re actually going to be in my size and you know what else – they’re going to match! Wowsers.)

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