Win a unicorn Rainbow Shuffle shirt

Winner: Congratulations to Mercy Ngan-Woo. Your shirt is on its way. Thank you to all those who entered and supported the competition.

Oh yes. You could win a t-shirt featuring my original fantastical butt-shuffling unicorn.

The original Rainbow Shuffle unicorn shirt design

The original Rainbow Shuffle shirt design

You might have seen the image posted on places like,, and George Takei’s Facebook page among countless others.

Leave a comment on this post about how you came across this competition, and you may be the next to have a unicorn smearing a rainbow across your chest. I will select a winner at random and you will need to complete the email address field so I can contact you. Winner will be contacted by 7 April 2013 and announced on this blog.

Entries close 31 March 2013. Extra chances: Share this and say where you shared it (eg. Facebook) in your entry for an extra chance to win. You can only enter once with a maximum of one extra chance granted with your entry.

Unicorn Rainbow Shuffle shirts

Shirts from the Eggshell Green cafepress shop

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36 thoughts on “Win a unicorn Rainbow Shuffle shirt

  1. woops. I read about the competition on facebook. I will be sharing the competition on facebook. Phew. Did I complete all the necassary categories??


    Chickie Little

    Yes, thanks. I deleted your other entry. You will still get two chances for sharing on facebook :)


  2. uh-huh there is something a little bit cool about this shirt ,, reminds me of childhood humor watching the family dog , and heasring mum yelling….. and the muppets doing “somewhere over the rainbow….
    thanks for the giggle and the memory


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