Noodlebox bunny Easter baskets

Amidst my recuperation from foot surgery, I decided I had to make something cute for the kids’ Easter egg hunt this year.

Here’s the idea I came up with for bunny Easter baskets / treat boxes, using the cardboard noodle boxes that I already had.

Cute bunny Easter baskets made from noodle boxes.

Fill me with chocolate

Instructions are as follows:

Face and feet pieces for bunny Easter basket

Face and feet pieces

  1. Cut ears into the front flap of the box.
  2. Cut off the other three flaps and save.
  3. Cut feet from one flap. I kept both feet on a single piece.
  4. Cut a face from another flap.
  5. For extra detail cut out a nose and ear inners. I used pink coloured card for ease.
  6. Using a hot glue gun, attach the nose to the face, the ear inners to the ears, and then attach the face and feet to the box.
  7. Draw on eyes, mouth, paws, whiskers etc.
  8. Attach a pompom tail.
  9. Give to squealing children to fill with chocolate (or the other way around).

That’s all I had time for. The Easter egg hunt was a bit of a rush with random eggs hidden amongst our forever-mess that is our house (the garden was the worse option, let’s say…). Hope your hunts are better organised. Happy Easter!

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