Peppa Pig Pirate Party

I asked Abby what she wanted to do for her fourth birthday and she said she wanted a pirate party – then added “A Peppa Pig Pirate party!” Fine then.

At least this year I had a whole day to myself to put effort into stuff like the cake (unlike Cameron’s shocking dinosaur cake done with kids watching and asking “What’s that??” which did not help).

As always, the weather was perfect for Abby’s party. Except it was a tad too hot so we decided to have the food indoors this year.

Table set up for pirate party

It looked nicer before the kids arrived

There was popcorn, vegies, hummus, chips and marshmallow pops. Don’t forget the cheerios.

Marshmallow pops

Marshmallow pops

This year I found some cute bottles for their drinks with stripey paper straws. I also had stripey cups for the popcorn, and I made pirate patches for everyone. Why – because I can!

Pinning the eyepatch on the board

Pirate pinning a patch on a picture of Peppa Pig

After the feast, the pirates headed out for some pirate games – Pin the eye patch on Peppa Pig, followed by Pass the parcel.

Pirate Peppa Pig cake

Peppa Pig pirate cake – that’ll do pig.

Then it was time for cake. Four hours of decorating was destroyed in seconds (starting with the toppers before I even cut the cake).

Opening the treasure chest


The last game of the day was a treasure hunt. The kids followed a map with challenges to complete before finding the chest containing their favour bags.

Favour bag with pirate treasures

A pirate’s bounty

It was exhausting. But it was all worth while when Abby said to me that night “Thank you mummy for the party.”

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