Camping at Kaitoke

We hadn’t been camping since before the kids were born (more than 4 years ago), and in the last month we’ve gone twice.

Finally, the kids are old enough to both enjoy themselves and now I’ve got the camping bug.

Kaitoke Regional Park is in Upper Hutt, about 45 minutes from Wellington. It’s close enough to go to whenever the weather’s nice, and it’s far enough to be among the beauty that is New Zealand.

Collage of fun things to do at Kaitoke Regional Park.

Some fun at Kaitoke


There is a family friendly river at the campsite, with a bubbly brook to get your toes wet in. The March weather was way too cold for a proper dip.

Nearby you can walk some tracks near Rivendell where some filming for The Lord of the Rings took place. There’s a fun swing bridge to walk across that takes only 5 minutes to loop back if you just want something quick to do.

The campsite allows bonfires if you get permission from the ranger (and bring your own wood, or at least use fallen branches only). It was the first time I had a camp fire! So there was plenty of marshmallow-toasting that evening.

There are two toilet blocks, and communal bbqs if you don’t want to bring your own cookers. The communal sinks don’t have plugs so bring your own tub! And extra toilet paper won’t hurt either, especially when a large school group happens to be there. ¬†There is drinking water from the tap so you don’t need to bring much of your own.

You can even bring your dog if you need to. There’s plenty to do to tire out your kids as well as the fur baby.

Kaitoke is quickly becoming a family favourite camping spot. We’re definitely coming back.

Camping Kaitoke Regional Park - Greater Wellington Regional Council

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