PenguinBag review and booties giveaway

Congratulations to Kat! I will be in contact and sending those booties out to you shortly.

Winter finally hit Wellington. To be honest, it’s been a rather mild winter, but we’ve had a few extra nippy nights. And just in time, we received these awesome sleeping bags for the kids.

Playing in their penguinbags

Princess and penguin monkeying around

The kids were thrilled with their PenguinBags. They thought they looked like Teletubbies and loved monkeying around in them.

Kids in their penguinbags

Bedtime fun for the penguin and astronaut

PenguinBags come in two weights: summer (1 tog) and winter (2.5 tog). The winter one was actually too warm for Abby the first night. I have confidence in this the next time we go camping in Spring :)

The outer and lining of the bags are made of cotton. The outside is all velvety, and there are fantastic embroidery details.

Astronaut emblem

You can see the snuggliest

Besides the warmth and cuteness, these sleeping bags are quite practical.

It’s easy enough to go to the toilet without fully stripping, and the kids can still do themselves up afterwards.

The legs allow the kids to stand up and do normal stuff without being constrained. The bottoms of the legs keep things in place and still allows for socks and slippers.

Snuggling in bed

My cuddly penguin

Also, my kids like sleeping frog-legged, fetal, bum-up, tummy down – you name it. The bags don’t seem to get in the way of their chosen sleeping position.

Cam in his PenguinBag and booties

Happy penguin feet

And how about the booties? Cam’s yellow ones really complete his penguin outfit. They have non-slip soles so he can still zoom around on the polished floors before bedtime.

Win a pair of booties – congrats to Kat for winning

Penguinbag booties

Win these booties – size 2-3 years

Competition closed Monday 25 August 2014 NZST. Our winner Kat will be notified by email.

Check out the PenguinBag Company for the full range of super cute sleeping bags and booties.

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