A Frozen birthday party

I think I was more excited about Abby’s Frozen party more than she was.

There was so much to do, including making the costumes. What a great idea to sew your own Frozen costumes I thought – at the time.

In the end I only had time to make three – Cameron’s Kristoff vest, my Anna top and skirt, and Neil’s Hans coat. That last one took the longest time…

Frozen family dressup

Dress up party!

…hours and hours spent in the evenings, forfeiting my Shortland Street time so I could make an ambitious first-ever coat, and a tail coat at that.

Home made Prince Hans coat

How many hours did this coat take to make..?

It turned out pretty well in the end, and when the husband asked “Does daddy look like Hans?”, Abby finally said “Yes”. Woop!

Elsa and Hans dress ups

My Elsa and Hans

I bought Abby’s costume online though, seeing as I had enough pressure trying to dress the other three family members – and I wasn’t sure how well any of those  would turn out.

Her Elsa costume is “Frozen inspired”, but that’s ok. She loved it. And it ripped just like the more expensive ones the next day (and is now in the sewing pile which I might take a look at some time next year…)

Frozen party theme

Ready for a party

My little man wanted to wear shorts so he spent the rest of the party as Kristoff-no-pants. Fez our dog even had reindeer ears, but he was a little less compliant than the human babies.

The cake was the next big thing.

Abby didn’t just ask for Elsa on it, she also wanted Olaf. I found some  Elsa tutorials online (albeit just pictures), and so a gumpaste standing person was the second first-ever that week. Actually, I lie because the skirt I made for myself was also the first-ever skirt I’ve made.

Elsa and Olaf birthday cake

Too pretty to cut

I’ve done a few cakes before, and I still have this love-hate relationship with cake decorating. You spend hours on a cake just so people can look at it for a few minutes and then it’s time to destroy it. I do still have the Elsa and Olaf though – can’t destroy those just yet.

Since it was Abby’s 5th birthday, I thought I may as well go all out on the food too.

Frozen party food

How fun was the food!

The Internet once again gave me some great ideas including the ‘We finish each other’s sandwiches’ sandwiches, and Olaf’s noses and arms.

The pink rice bubble cake ‘frozen hearts’ came into my head on its own, though I’m sure someone somewhere has probably done this already. Cookie-cutting out rice bubble cake is a painful job.

Wanna build a snowman party favour game kit

Wanna build a snowman?

Build a snowman - finished result

Built a snowman

What’s a party without party games?

Another idea I pilfered was the ‘Wanna build a snowman’ kit.

Some people give these away as favours. I thought it would be fun to let the kids make them then and there – and see all the control freaks come out in the parents. You know who you are.

I made some noses out of leftover gumpaste and put them on toothpicks for easy attachment.

We also had to get four different types of marshmallows and hunt down pretzel sticks for the rest of Olaf. The things you do for your children.

But the kids had lots of fun, and the game worked really well. Everyone won a prize – they got to eat a whole lotta marshmallows!

Abby also asked for a pinata. I couldn’t bring myself to make kids bash up Olaf, so I settled on making Marshmallow (that other snowman).

Homemade Marshmallow pinata

Elsa, Kristoff and Anna have a go at Marshmallow

The pinata was a roughly shaped cardboard box wrapped in crepe paper, but he did the job. And I saved myself $28.

Homemade parties are a whole lot of work, I tell ya. But it was worth it. I wanted Abby’s 5th birthday to be a good one, and I think it was.

Happy birthday Abby!

Now only a year and a bit before Cameron turns 5…

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