It’s a Star Wars party!

Everything was Star Wars for Cameron’s fifth birthday party.

The cake: Yoda, lime flavoured as requested by the birthday boy.

Yoda cake

Delicious lime Yoda cake

I tried a white chocolate and fondant mix to cover the cake. It was nice, but it didn’t go that well with the lime cake (a white chocolate mud cake would be a perfect match – next time). The kids did not care at all.

The light sabers: It was a craft activity, a physical activity, and something to take home. Perfect.


Making light sabers is serious business

It’s amazing what you can do with pool noodles, duct tape, and stickers. (Tip: To half the pool noodles, use a good bread knife.)


Finished light sabers

The battle: Outside and epic.


The battle begins

The food: I didn’t go all out on themed food this time as I put all my effort into the cake and the light sabers. Kids are easy to please thankfully.

Join the Alliance, of food and drink

Join the Alliance, of food and drink


The bottles: Customised by my lovely daughter and her awesome drawing skills – though Jabba looks a lot like something else… a tadpole, bean sprout, or *ahem*.


The party bags: Simple white paper bags with a Storm Trooper seal. Inside was just a little something to take home with the light sabers.



Star Wars goodies – including stickers, biscuits, chocolate

And that was another year, another party.

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