Yoda cake

It’s a Star Wars party!

Everything was Star Wars for Cameron’s fifth birthday party. The cake: Yoda, lime flavoured as requested by the birthday boy. I tried a white chocolate and fondant mix to cover the cake. It was nice, but it didn’t go that well with the lime cake (a white chocolate mud cake would be a perfect match…

Elsa and Olaf birthday cake

A Frozen birthday party

I think I was more excited about Abby’s Frozen party more than she was. There was so much to do, including making the costumes. What a great idea to sew your own Frozen costumes I thought – at the time. In the end I only had time to make three – Cameron’s Kristoff vest, my…

Pretty kids textured crochet hat with flower

Textured crochet kids hat

This is my latest hat. The basic pattern is from the Allicrafts Deeply Textured Hat. I added a couple single crochet rows at the bottom and a cute flower. This one is for Abby’s best friend. I would love to keep this but Abby doesn’t need another hat – or does she…?

Kid's fish drawing, with card and paint

Blowfish spike painting

Thanks to the Mr Maker show, the kids made some pretty cool prickle paintings. It’s pretty much a fish shape, glued to some paper, then strips of card dipped in paint and dabbed onto the fish to make the spikes. I helped with the finer details, but it was a really easy project and looks cute on…

Kids' Santa drawings turned into Christmas cards

Homemade cards

I love kids’ drawings, and I take photos of my own children’s drawings so I never lose them (I should really scan them but the camera’s always ready to use!) This year I got crafty and turned some of them into Christmas cards. Will definitely do this again next year!

Gift of glass bottle filled with lollies

A homemade Christmas gift

If you like to make your own Christmas gifts, then here’s an easy idea – tried and tested too :) Fill a glass bottle (I got my 250ml bottles from Trademe) with lollies and make it look pretty with a ribbon and card. Simple and gorgeous, and the bottle can be reused for milk on…

Crochet rose

A pretty beanie for a pretty girl

My latest  project is this crochet beanie for Abby. She’s a bit of a tomboy and I wanted something pretty for her. I let her choose the colour and as usual she picked green. Luckily it was a pastel green (the only green she could see) so I could still make it look pretty. I…

Rainbow Shuffle shirt winner

I’ve drawn a number at random and the winner is… Mercy Ngan-Woo Congratulations! You’ll have your own unicorn shirt to wear shortly (or however long it takes for cafepress to deliver it to your country). Thanks to all those who have entered and supported my design. You can still purchase my designs from the eggshell…

Cute bunny Easter baskets made from noodle boxes.

Noodlebox bunny Easter baskets

Amidst my recuperation from foot surgery, I decided I had to make something cute for the kids’ Easter egg hunt this year. Here’s the idea I came up with for bunny Easter baskets / treat boxes, using the cardboard noodle boxes that I already had. Instructions are as follows: Cut ears into the front flap…