Super moon.

Super moon

Even though I’m a tad late, the rise of the super moon prompted me to get out my camera and do a bit of photography practice. What a perfect night for it. Bit chilly outside in my pajamas, but a jacket and ugg boots helped with that. I didn’t do too badly – after I remembered which numbers…

Making pine cone feeders.

Conservation Week 2013

For Conservation Week this year, I decided it was time to get the kids involved. Lucky for us, the weekend saw beautiful weather and we happened to live next to Mt Victoria which is a great little spot for a light walk in the bush. I decided we would also make pine cone feeders to…

Century City Ho

This is a new hotel being built on Tory Street in Wellington. Unfortunately they hadn’t quite reached the stage of putting up the rest of the word “hotel” and thus people like me come along and make fun of it. The next time I saw it they had temporarily taken down the “o”. Hubby tells…

Cleverer Than You

We’re not sure why this guy was driving around Palmie with his boot lid up. Maybe it’s an ingenious spoiler. Maybe it’s for air conditioning. Maybe he’s just a tard.