Abby's T Rex drawing

Conversations with my kids from 2013

Some more insightful words from my kids, because they have so much to say. So, so, too much to say. Abby: Daddy is a working man. Mummy is a working girl. Abby: Happy Father’s Day daddy! Cameron: Happy Birthday! Me: It’s “Happy Father’s Day”. Cameron: HO HO HO! Father Christmas? Abby: I have a vajama. And…

Cameron's faces

Conversations with my kids from 2014

I love talking with my kids. They say the craziest things, and I think the preschool years are just awesome. I apologise in advance for their toilet humour – it’s mostly unintentional. Me: I love you to the stars and back. Cameron: I love you to the moon. Me and Daddy: Aww. Cameron: And then the…

Little Darth Vader turns to the Dark Side

Power of the Dark Side

Cameron loves his Darth Vader mask, and fell asleep in it today. Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side, or a car ride – it’s the only way we can get him to nap these days! If you have an epic caption for this, fire away!

Cheese and cracker costume

C is for costume

The kids’ daycare manager had her last day today, and the kids had to dress up in something beginning with C (her name is Chloe). So I present you, a cute cowboy, and cheese and crackers. Of course.

Abby at the dinner table

I had a dream

Chowing down on pork katsudon for dinner, Abby tells me about her dream: I had a dream about you mummy. You were in a cave… with a lion… then the lion gobbled you up. It was a great dream. Thanks honey…

Pinning the eyepatch on the board

Peppa Pig Pirate Party

I asked Abby what she wanted to do for her fourth birthday and she said she wanted a pirate party – then added “A Peppa Pig Pirate party!” Fine then. At least this year I had a whole day to myself to put effort into stuff like the cake (unlike Cameron’s shocking dinosaur cake done…

Abby on the ride on car

The best ride-on car

I picked up this second-hand Saf-N-Fun Toy Cart from the Salvation Army yesterday. It was $10 and it’s the coolest ride-on car. You don’t even need to use your legs, just your arms. The kids find it very easy to use, and it does the best U turns! Then mummy notices the weight limit is…