Toasting marshmallows

Camping at Kaitoke

We hadn’t been camping since before the kids were born (more than 4 years ago), and in the last month we’ve gone twice. Finally, the kids are old enough to both enjoy themselves and now I’ve got the camping bug. Kaitoke Regional Park is in Upper Hutt, about 45 minutes from Wellington. It’s close enough…

Pumpkin risotto with crispy sage

Pumpkin risotto with crispy sage

When you have pumpkin and you’ve had enough of making soup, try some pumpkin risotto. We usually have a whole lot of sage at this time of year also, so this version of pumpkin risotto is perfect for using what’s in season. Serves 4 Ingredients 2 Tbs olive oil 1 medium onion, finely chopped 12…

Pumpkin and tomato soup

Pumpkin and tomato soup

A ¬†pumpkin soup that’s cheap, delicious and filling. With a hint of tomato and curry powder, served with feta and pumpkin seeds for bursts of flavour, and crusty buttered rye bread makes it a more than a satisfying meal. The original recipe is from my mother-in-law who got it from a friend. I have tweaked…

Pretty kids textured crochet hat with flower

Textured crochet kids hat

This is my latest hat. The basic pattern is from the Allicrafts Deeply Textured Hat. I added a couple single crochet rows at the bottom and a cute flower. This one is for Abby’s best friend. I would love to keep this but Abby doesn’t need another hat – or does she…?

Chocolate banana cake

Chocolate banana cake

My sister-in-law gave me this recipe, and it’s so fail proof and delicious that I’ve made it many times since. Even people who don’t like banana cake will like this chocolate banana cake. Don’t forget the icing – you can’t skip on that!   I’ve tweaked the recipe a little – you can use oil…

Webstock 2014 opening

Webstock 2014

February 13-14 was my second Webstock conference, and what a hoot! This year it was held at the St James theatre, instead of the usual Wellington Town Hall. The St James is beautiful and inspiring – very fitting for Webstock. And this time you didn’t have to turn your head to see the presentations. The…

Kids in Vietnam

You know you’re Asian when…

OK, I’m definitely Asian, but raised in New Zealand with mostly Kiwi influences – against my parents’ wishes of course. And now I’m married to a Kiwi and with two little half-lings. So in case I forget my roots, here’s my list (a cut-down list) of ways to tell you’re Asian: Your name is hard…

Little Darth Vader turns to the Dark Side

Power of the Dark Side

Cameron loves his Darth Vader mask, and fell asleep in it today. Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side, or a car ride – it’s the only way we can get him to nap these days! If you have an epic caption for this, fire away!