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The Rainbow Shuffle shirt is now available on my Threadless shop!

Rainbow Shuffle unicorn and Mutt Shuffle shirt design

I used to make cute things like sock monkeys, cupcake paintings, necklaces, beanies and ran the Eggshell Green Etsy shop (see the stuff I sold).

Socky monkeys by Eggshell Green

Cheeky Checkered and Chubby Bubby monkeys

Then I had two kids under two and that was the end of a little thing called “time”.

Cupcake painting by Eggshell Green

One of my first cupcake paintings

Nowadays, I can only manage my Eggshell Green Threadless Shop and Eggshell Green CafePress shop where people can buy the unicorn Rainbow Shuffle shirt. It’s great that a design I created in 2010 just keeps on giving. Thanks for your support.

Unicorn Rainbow Shuffle shirt

The original unicorn butt-shuffle shirt

The Rainbow Shuffle and the Mutt Shuffle designs are also available. Get the dog on a coffee mug for work – it’s classy.

Unicorn and dog doing the butt-shuffle

Unicorn and dog doing the butt-shuffle

Shirt designs on my Eggshell Green shop

Shirt designs on my Eggshell Green shop

Sister shop for New Zealand customers

If you live in New Zealand, you may want to visit the Eggshell Green shop on Felt. I only have a subset of my creations there, so just leave a comment on any of my posts if you’d like to purchase something you saw on my Etsy shop that’s not on Felt.

Felt allows bank deposits and also avoids currency exchanges if you just want to deal with NZ dollars. Also there are options for pick up instead of posting. However, Felt does not have a great shipping setup so multiple items purchased don’t get discounted for shipping. They say they’re working on this. You may want to contact me first if you are intending on purchasing multiple items on Felt so I can adjust shipping costs.

Creations on my Etsy shop

Here are some of my creations currently for sale (in USD):

New Zealand customers

If you live in New Zealand and would like to purchase something listed on the Eggshell Green Etsy shop, just leave a comment below and I’ll sort out something in New Zealand dollars.

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